Arms n chest day 11th July early 14.03

Nice workout today.

Sleep getting better

Sleep: 1-8.00 a.m. ON meltonin

Good energy. Coffee. Chores.

Fasted from 17.00 yesterday.

Gainz report:

Standing up biceps dumbbells, GOAL 18.6.:  45kg

Warmup       6.8×40      7×35     8×30  ltrest 14×25  

Flat bench bar chest GOAL 13.6.:  70kg
6×40    8.5x Schmerz ganz bissl rechts x 60 11xokromx50      9×45   

Standing straight bar biceps
15×25      12×25     9×22.5   8×22.5

Decline bench bar
10gromx60          5.5okromx60       5.5×55   lre4x50

Chinups  biceps  straight steal bar  
10     4

Incline bar chest
11×40 gf      4.5×40        8×30

Wide grip upright row
12×27.5—>  down pyramid  

Face pulls
15kg down the good pyramid

Shoulder Lateral raises
7+6+5+4  kg pyramid


Quite happy with the workout today.

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