Good energy today


Good energy
Great voice
Drank coffee at 1 pm
Still good going
Slightly lightheaded
Been fasting for 17 hours now still feeling great
wondering how I’m going to feel after having eating my first meal

14.44 still nice energy need movement though

18.00 ate my fried minced meat with pasta shells..

And felt great and energetic and was able to eat way more than I expected it was crazy

And then I felt like I wanted to eat some more so I made a protein shake with two bananas and 1 scoop of protein chocolate and it tasted quite well

.. but made me really dizzy so I I’m kind of slow thinking now

…but the energy seems to come right back at the moment I’m feeling kind of a surge of energy so I could just go out and make some rumble.



Couldn’t help but get some movement so I just took a walk in the Düsseldorf Altstadt

David Bane heading to Weihnachtsmarkt

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Nothing special, just needed some movement…

Energy level at the end of the day 22.40: good, I could actually do a lot now, but I just keep it easy atm…

Need to get myself to the point where I have steady good nice energy levels when socializing, working and fucking..

Til now I was working 24+ h a day so all I need to do is get some more movement, get better food and work max. 6 h per day.

Going to sleep now, feel a lot of physical energy but mental activity is slowing down big time can’t even get a thought straight..