New Gainz (Muscle+Strength), No DOMS, Glucosamine + Proper Form = Better Shoulder Joints Recovery?

Hey what’s up..

Here’s a little video I made to update you on my progress… Here’s what I talk about in the vid:

  • 0:00   Being sick, working out, new gains: Muscle & Strength
  • 3:58   Shoulder Joints much better now: thanks to proper form (4:17) and Glucosamine (5:15)
  • 7:13    DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) not as much anymore
  • 8:37    My website
  • 8:53    Some nice Before-After Pictures  at the end

Here are some pics:

10-feb5 10-feb4

10-feb1 10-feb222 10-feb22 10-feb3 10-feb2


Chest & arms day jan 25 (shoulder issues seem solved)

Fasted 14 then drank bulletproof coffee with butter and native coconut oil

Slept from 2 am to 6 to 10.30

Left shoulder still hurting in some positions, but I’ll try to do it carefully…

Also took the weider glucosamine stuff for 3 days now, so I may recover faster now..

AND most importantly I’ll do the correct form now like Scooby61 and hodge twins adviced

Let’s see if I can still raise weights today…

Here’s my report:

Flat barbell bar chest
12x20st    6×37.5    9×47.5    9×45    9×42.5 9×40

Standing up biceps(Stange 10)
6×10  3×12.5   5×32.5  

5×15+3×12.5   5×12.5 

Cable curls biceps hammer
5×25   5×22.5+4lrnegx12.5    5×20+10neg

Wide grip upright row
12×10   9×25   10×22.5   12×20  

Cable row push downs
10×10  3×22.5+4×20   5×20   5×17.5

 11×2.5narrowst 11,9x20nst 

Face pulls
12×10  9×17.5+5×15   11×15  11×15  10×15

Incline bench press  45d
10×20   10×30  


And again I made some progress on flat barbell bench doing 47.5 kg  (added 2.5 kg)

Now shoulders didn’t hurt as much coz I used the right form: arched the back and squeezed the wings like scooby told to.

And on the biceps I made some gains, did 5×32.5 (last time only 1x)

Also added 90° bench curls and cable hammer curls, which is awesome, really feeling my biceps now..

Also I think I’ve found a good way to hit the rear debts via facepulls.. my problem with those was that I am quite light weight so I’m  pulled forward to much.. so the solution is just to kind of “grab the rope and make a 45° angle” and do them pulls

Leg day 15 jan #lowerbackinjury #squatsprogress

So she today I am completely healthy, I am quite energetic, even though I must say I woke up early and couldn’t fall asleep again and the slept only about six hours, so let see if I can hit the same weight on my legs without getting those mad DOMS, or even increase the weights..


10x20kg  5x35kg  1×45 7×50 10×45 12×40

Calf raises sit
15 free 6×30  3×50  3x55outwardtoes+2normal 5x50ot+2normal  6x45ot+40x5norm  6×40

Calf pressing straight wadenpresse
8×45 4×60 9×50

Leg raises
13altern 13  12 7 stopped pojasn hurting

8x30rl  10x25rl  pump

So the result is that I could only progress on the squats a little bit, also had a good form.

And I think I f***** up my lower back even more than the last time. I really hope that I can recover soon and be able to do squats and other stuff again.

Also I might have to cut back on BCAA’s, because I don’t seem to digestion good enough when I take 30 grams of them throughout the workout. In the head 10 grams of it half an hour prior…

And I should go early to bed I think, yesterday I went to sleep at 2 a.m. and woke up like 9 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep again..