Feel good – feel bad Food-Note

Yesterday I ate only 1 big protein shake (sun warrior), some steak left overs and 9 x chicken McNuggets. And bulletproof coffee

So only 30 grams of carbs…

Felt nice! But couldn’t fall asleep.

Today I had 1 bulletproof coffee and 1/4 of a Ritalin pill to have more umpf. I felt quite great and could get into the “zone” and worked very nicely..

Then at 18:30 I ate at Fratelli – some tagliatellis with beef cubes. -> Felt great.

Then I bought a small and cheap chocolate muffin, which made me feel bad now.

I know I wouldn’t feel good eating the muffin right after a huge pasta-meal. But on the one hand I thought it would taste good and wanted to try out the “Backwerk” muffins AND thought it was OK since it would help gain more weight. And I thought it wouldn’t have that effect. (And it surely wouldn’t if it was some other type of dessert, or eaten with water…).

On the other hand I feel much better when I eat the dessert like muffins etc. a couple hours AFTER the big meal. This way I preserve the high mental power and feel near optimal all the time.

So again it was stupid.

I am far better off eating the sweet stuff 1-2-3 hours after the big meal.

So here is the 2 options in comparison:

[one_half_first]Option 1: eat in 2 go’s

Morning – noon: Bulletproof Coffee
(350-400 kcal)

Evening: Big meal, e.g. pasta or steak with potatos
(800-1100 kcal I guess)

1-2 h later: 1-2 muffins or cake or ice cream

+++ remaining mental power the most of time
+++ gain ONLY muscles
– – – may have a problem falling a sleep since pushing the sweets 1-2 hours after the big meal might give me too much energy

[/one_half_first][one_half_last]Option 2: eat all in 1 go

Morning – noon: Bulletproof Coffee
(350-400 kcal)

Evening: Big meal, e.g. pasta or steak with potatos
(800-1100 kcal I guess)

right after: 1-2 muffins or cake or ice cream

+++ seemingly time saving

– – – no mental power 1-2 h after overeating (time wasted)
– – – feeling really dizzy


Solution: go with Option 1 but make sure to eat the first meal around 17:00

Arms n chest day april 18

Sleep: 2-9.30 a.m. with many interruptions…

Fasted from midnight yesterday, 12.00 had my bulletproof coffee

Feeling nice but too chilling again… Let’s see if I can increase the reps on my biceps today (still feeling some DOMS slightly)

Gainz report:

Standing up biceps, GOAL 13.6.:  55kg
15×10    8×42.5     10×37.5      11×32.5

Flat bench bar chest GOAL 13.6.:  65kg
6×40   1×50    6hromx60    8hgromx50  7rptgfx45     8rptgfx40

Decline biceps curls
7xlr17.5 hardly      6xlr15     9xlr12.5     7rptx10    

Incline bench bar
9okromx50     9okromx45    7×42.5      t.5rptx40

Decline bench bar
7hardlyx42.5         5×40        7×35       5.5rptx35

11      6       4

Wide grip upright row
9×30    9rpx27.5     9rptx25    11×22.5

Cable row push

Face pulls
10×20    12×15   13×15   15y15

Not enough sleep!!!!!!

Bljad.  Not my peak performance again , need better and more regular sleep.
Felt weak soon from the get go. Still was able to make some strength and rep gains gains. Did well on chest!

Went out the house: 16:10
Out the gym: 18:30
Kaffee machine… at Saturn…
Skipped dinner this time.. no hunger really.. better give my body easier time to get rid of waste today… so gonna just buy some little snack now.. 20.52

Discoverd another Feel-Good-After-Food: Salmon Filet With Skin


Just a quick Food-note..

I discovered another amazing Meal that I can cook in no time and which is really tasty and makes me feel very alert and energized and motivated after eating it:  Salmon Filet with skin (!) 300 gr.

Check these pics so you know what I’m talking about: Google-Images of salmon with skin

How to cook it?

Easy.. Just wash the salmon filet, seizon it with little salt and pepper, heat the pan and when hot fry aggressively for 1-2 minutes on each side. Flip them a couple of times. After you got the golden crust, set the temperature to the lowest and close the pan and let it so for another 7-10 minutes until it is cooked on the inside.

Very tasty… Not dry as I expected and very easy to eat…

I ate it together with some pasta left overs from yesterday + butter and some parmezan cheese..


  • very fast to cook
  • very tasty
  • important! The trick is to use salmon with the skin -> gives you way more taste and Omega 3s
  • makes you alert and motivated for hours after eating it -> just make sure not to overeat and better don’t eat no desert, nothing sweet, if you wanna remain the cognitive power afterwards
  • very high quality proteins (53 gr of protein per 300gr salmon)


How to eat to feel bad #2: Brezel + Coffee + 2 Buns with Butter and Salami and Cabanossi


Omg, I feel so bad right now…

Headache, full stomach, no energy…

Why? Coz I ate wrong again. I knew I would feel fucked up but still did it lol. So now I am writing it down to not do it anymore. Here is how it was:

  1. Fasted til 15:30, felt alright.
  2. 16:00 ate a Brezel   -> felt awesome
  3. 16:10 cup of coffee + whole corn bun + butter + salami  -> felt ____OK____
  4. 1630 another cup of coffee + white bun + butter + salami + Cabanossi -> now feeling misarable …

And I’ve been repeating this shit many many many times lol…

I knew I’d be fucked up after the 4. but still kept doing it.

The best solution I had for this so far is just simply not buy 3 wheat items at REWE for breaking the fast. I felt best buying just 1 Brezel and 1 bun, or no bun at all. That’s when I had no chance to fuck it up and just didn’t.

But why I still did buy those 3 today? Well I guess there are 2 reasons:

  1. I overestimated my eating capability (again) due to being in a fasted state
  2. I thought more is better since I am gaining weight (“some more calories shouldn’t harm”)

So for the first point I’ll just remember from now on: fuck it, be real motherfucker, you will only eat 2 of them and feel good, anything above it will fuck you up. So go and buy 1 or max. 2.

For the second point I’ll remember: there is no need to gain weight that fast, you are gaining muscles anyway and the extra fat is most likely unavoidable anyway, so don’t make it even worse.

Already starting to feel better as my digestion is progressing 🙂  But still absolutely unnecessary.

Actually all I need is enough protein and slightly above maintenance total calories, is the best way to hit the sweetspot of feeling best and gain muscle.

How to eat to feel bad: lots of food in short time + lack of sleep… #pasta #meat #icecream

Just a short food note.

FIRST – my sleep was shit yesterday, coz I worked too late again and ended up sleeping about 6-6.5 hours and used alarm clock.

When I had a shitty sleep I usually have bad digestion which shows in different ways:

  1. I have LOTS of bowel movement and the most of them are a drunken orchestre of my body trying to get rid of the foods in me due to inability to digest it (induced by lack of sleep!)
  2. Shitty sleep also robs me of my appetite, so I can’t eat too much…
  3. My body’s energy supply production gets compromised which I always see first in my voice – higher pitch and tensed..

So today I fasted til 15:15 then drank a sunwarrior rice protein shake.

Had a couple cups of coffee all inbetween.

At 17:00 ate a Brezel.

At about 18:30 I had lots of pasta with a classic pasta sauce and fried minced meat with butter..

Energy levels were OK but then at 21:00 I had a chocolate muffin with cherries (yummi) and half an hour later 300gr of blueberry ice cream, each together with 1 big cup of herbal tea.

So this last bit of sweet stuff is now fucking up my stomach, feels like they’re brewing something in there and make me feel dizzy and fucked up.

Anyways, I hope my dream to move to LA will come true this summer.. #waitingforthegreencardresults2016

Bottom line:

1) Lack of sleep or bad sleep is my biggest Energy and Productivity robbing enemy. Maybe it has something to do with the enzymes which are not created or replenished during the too short sleep.

2) Eating lots of food in short amount of time is my second enemy. And if this food contains too much fat and I add some sweet stuff later into this cocktail – I’m done and fd up and need to wait for several hours to get back to normal energy levels. Which I am at at this very moment.


Chest n arms day feb 29

First some before after pics:





Fasted from 21.30 yesterday, 12.00 had my coffee and another one at 16.45

Slept from 2.00  pm  to 10.30

Feeling ok

Here’s my report:

Flat bench bar chest

7×37.5   4×47.5    7×57.5    7×55    7×52.5  12×42.5

Standing up biceps(Stange 10)
10×15  9×35  8×30   5×30

Decline bench bar chest
8×47.5   7×45  7×42.5

Incline bench bar chest
9×37.5   7×37.5


Decline biceps curls  -> NICE, got me really feeling that muscle
7xlr12.5  8xlr10


Cable curls biceps hammer
3×27.5   25  22.5 ….12.5


4   5


Wide grip upright row
14×25   13×20   15×20

Cable row push
7×25 +22.5+9×20+7×15+8×12.5

Reverse butterfly bench
12×5   12×4


And again I made some progress on most sets adding 2.5kg

Insight once again – what I eat and got good energy

As you might have noticed, the energy topic is greatly of my interest…

Ideally I want to find a balance between

  • gaining muscle
  • having top energy for going out and business & health & sexual performance

If I concentrated heavily on gaining muscle, I would have to sacrifice my energy and health and time, since I’d need to eat much more and train more (maybe). So I would have less time and energy to spend on money making and to go out and fuck.

I noticed that I feel best NOT if I eat like a monster every day but if I eat just when I really feel like to. If I eat when my body isn’t really “ready”, e.g. the food is not yet digested and the stomach not really ready to take in more, then I feel really bad for the next 2-6 hours, have not as good sleep and my energy levels drop to zero. And my voice sounds weak etc.

But when I eat just when I want to and when I am ready to, and if I don’t try to stuff in too much desert at the end of the meal – then I feel fantastic.

This might slow down the weight gains, but the muscle gains should be enough I think.

Also this way I naturally stay ripped.

And have more energy for everything.

I might also need to train less but I am not decided yet… maybe I just need to train 1-2 weeks more for my body to get adjusted to training so the DOMS are reduced. This is actually what I see today – DOMS are quite easy despite having had some intense Chest and Arms exercise on wednesday 13. jan. And I also take BCAAs 😛

Now what did I eat yestarday that made me feel good?

Linguine noodles from REWE with butter and some pasta sauce and about 350 grams of fried beef (just simple fried low cost beef cubes from REWE).

BUT again… my stomach was kinda ready and I didn’t overeat like crazy..



No gym last 7 days + 2 more

My paps grilling some shashlik in the garden

Since we had Christmas and I was with my family and some of the family members had a cold I I got it also from someone…

So I wasn’t in the gym for the last 7 days which sucks…

but I have eaten like a monster so I hope it will compensate for it and I won’t lose my gainz in terms of strength…

Can’t wait to hit the gym on Monday when I’m gonna be doing my chest and biceps, my triceps and the shoulders

It’s 2016 baby so let’s rock  this shit..

Muscles sore but very good energy

Fasted til 16.30, had only two cups of coffee before that and felt great.

So my first meal was one bun with butter and a slice of gouda cheese, coffee and Brezel…

Did some Christmas shopping after that and my energy levels were very nice..

Here’s what I got for my parents I hope they’ll like the coffee machine:


Around 9 p.m. I had my second meal which was Asia noodles which tasted so great since I was hungry. And half a liter of mineral water..

Then at 11 p.m. I had one big ice cream 430 grams and a half banana we should be around 1100 kcal

Now its 1:22 a.m. I feel very good and a little bit sleepy which is nice cuz I’m about to sleep

My muscles are sore as f*** and it feels so great, and now I’m curious to see if the DOMS time will be shortened by the BCAAs that I took yesterday which was 20 grams in total

Felt great today

Let's go!! Наконец-то гусь дошел :₽

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Fasted til 1.30 pm
Drank 10g bcaas 5g glutamine & a cup of tee and began training at fitx at 14.15, fasted..

Had good power all through..
Even though I started to get dizzy to the end of the training..


1 Brezel
1 Protein shake chocolate 1 scoop + coconut oil
1 white bun with butter

Then I made 1.3 kg of fried potato with 3 to 6 tbsp of sunflower oil and gouse breast Gänsebraten..

And had some nice frozen yoghurt icecream @1000 kcal

Alltogether I should well over 3,800 kcal, 4000 I guess…

Love it! & feel awesome..

Also was productive today working on my stuff using the Pomodoro technique ..

Now get some sleep..