Arms n chest day april 18

Sleep: 2-9.30 a.m. with many interruptions…

Fasted from midnight yesterday, 12.00 had my bulletproof coffee

Feeling nice but too chilling again… Let’s see if I can increase the reps on my biceps today (still feeling some DOMS slightly)

Gainz report:

Standing up biceps, GOAL 13.6.:  55kg
15×10    8×42.5     10×37.5      11×32.5

Flat bench bar chest GOAL 13.6.:  65kg
6×40   1×50    6hromx60    8hgromx50  7rptgfx45     8rptgfx40

Decline biceps curls
7xlr17.5 hardly      6xlr15     9xlr12.5     7rptx10    

Incline bench bar
9okromx50     9okromx45    7×42.5      t.5rptx40

Decline bench bar
7hardlyx42.5         5×40        7×35       5.5rptx35

11      6       4

Wide grip upright row
9×30    9rpx27.5     9rptx25    11×22.5

Cable row push

Face pulls
10×20    12×15   13×15   15y15

Not enough sleep!!!!!!

Bljad.  Not my peak performance again , need better and more regular sleep.
Felt weak soon from the get go. Still was able to make some strength and rep gains gains. Did well on chest!

Went out the house: 16:10
Out the gym: 18:30
Kaffee machine… at Saturn…
Skipped dinner this time.. no hunger really.. better give my body easier time to get rid of waste today… so gonna just buy some little snack now.. 20.52

Chest n arms day april 4.

Sleep: 2-9.30 a.m. with little interruptions…

Fasted from 21.00 yesterday, 10.30 had my coffee and another one at 14.10 + protein shake before that. Had mild food yesterday with Pflaumenkuchen ..

Feeling weak actually…, and still have noticable DOMS, probably from the little horizontal Pull ups yesterday when jogging.. Let’s see if I can increase the reps on my biceps today

Gainz report:

Standing up biceps, GOAL 13.6.:  55kg
14×10    8×40     10×35      10×32.5

Flat bench bar chest GOAL 13.6.:  75kg

5×40   3×50    7mmfx57.5   6.5gfx45  6.5gfx40 6gfx40

Decline biceps curls
6xlr17.5     8xlr15    10xlr12.5       12×10      5×10

Decline bench bar
7×50     wr6x45    6.5×42.5    6.5×40

Incline bench bar
8×40   6×37.5   7×35   6,3×32.5

9   5  2

Wide grip upright row
7×30    10×27.5   12×25    13×22.5     15×20

Cable row push

Tons of different Reverse butterflies

Better sleep, better workout…
Felt weaker but could make some strength gains… DOMS!

Shoulders and back 25 March  (last time was jan 8)

Went too late to the gym and had not enough sleep… the shoulder joints were kinda dry…

Feeling DOMS just 1 day later now..

Standing barbell press RPT
12xsmith0+12×0    6×15   8×10     6×10   8×5   

Pull ups RPT
8 5 4

Dips RPT
9   7   5

Cable rows back RPT
12×15  10×30    8×25   15×25

Sit lats 51
10×30+30    10x50together    10×50

Reverse butterfly bench fucking
14×2   15×2  15×2

New Gainz (Muscle+Strength), No DOMS, Glucosamine + Proper Form = Better Shoulder Joints Recovery?

Hey what’s up..

Here’s a little video I made to update you on my progress… Here’s what I talk about in the vid:

  • 0:00   Being sick, working out, new gains: Muscle & Strength
  • 3:58   Shoulder Joints much better now: thanks to proper form (4:17) and Glucosamine (5:15)
  • 7:13    DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) not as much anymore
  • 8:37    My website
  • 8:53    Some nice Before-After Pictures  at the end

Here are some pics:

10-feb5 10-feb4

10-feb1 10-feb222 10-feb22 10-feb3 10-feb2


I got mad DOMS on my legs. here’s what I’m gonna try.. (bycicle)

DOMS = delayed onset of muscle soreness


Wednesday was my leg day I went really hard on my calves and thighs and glutes, so I got mad DOMS, can’t hardly move and my back seemes kind of injured wtf..

Anyways maybe I can do something about it. This guy is a little bit all over the place, but I like his advice…. :

The advice is to do some aerobic action, e.g. 15 min bycicle, to get the lactic acid out of the system…

The Hodgetwins say you should do it on the next day, which is crucial..

Well I’ll be in the gym today for my shoulders and back workout so I think I might try it out!

Well what I also will do is my lovely BCAAs:

What I takes when training..!

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